2014 Shakespeare Reading Challenge


Lianne at caffeinatedlife.net is hosting this lovely challenge this year, and since I love Shakespeare and decided to read several of his works this April, I’m signing up for another challenge to take on in 2014.

The rules:

  • the challenge runs from January 1st to December 31st 2014
  • anyone can join at any time
  • any of Shakespeare’s plays or sonnets are acceptable as long as it’s a text (no movie or television adaptations or theatre performances, unless you read the text first and then watch and adaptation)
  • link your reviews to this master post

The levels:

  • 1-4 plays: Occasional Theatre-Goer
  • 5-9 plays: Frequent Theatre Goer (I’m aiming for this level)
  • 10-12 plays: Regular Theatre Goer

My Reviews:


2 thoughts on “2014 Shakespeare Reading Challenge

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