25 Things

25 Things for My 25th Year – A list of things I want to accomplish before I turn 26 in March 2015

  1. Run a 10K
  2. Knit or crochet an afghan
  3. Read an entire book in French – which means I’ll also be able to cross off “Learn the French passé simple”
  4. Write a novella
  5. Make a website for someone else – any takers?
  6. Ski on the red slopes – Since ski season is just about over, I have some time to prepare myself ;)
  7. Visit the Ever After filming locations in the Dordogne region of France


    Château de Hautefort

  8. Visit a new continent
  9. Hold a movie marathon – BBC’s Pride and Prejudice or Star Wars Episodes I-VI? Hmm…
  10. Visit the UK and Ireland – this has been on my bucket list for years and years
  11. Restore an old piece of furniture
  12. Swim in the Mediterranean
  13. Re-attemptmacarons


    So they look like this

  14. Join a club
  15. Make all of the pins on my Pinterest craft board – I would have loved to do this with my To Be Read book list but let’s be realistic here…
  16. See an opera and/or play
  17. Volunteer somewhere
  18. Finish my Codeacademy courses – so I can #5 make a website for someone else :)
  19. Write thank you notes to all the teachers and professors who helped and encouraged me
  20. Attend a masked ball or period-era ball or maybe just a really elaborately themed party


    THIS! I want to do this so badly!

  21. Find a new job – even though I enjoy being a teacher, it’s not what I want to make a career out of
  22. Do something “dangerous” – meaning something I would usually avoid at all costs
  23. (along those same lines) Donate blood – I have a HUGE syringe phobia
  24. Take a couples course with Matt – cooking, dancing, candle-stick making…something along those lines ;)
  25. Start relearning piano

There you have it! Check back as I cross things off this bucket list; I’ll link up to each post :)

20 thoughts on “25 Things

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  2. I like the idea of this list! (I join you in wanting to do several of them, and have been fortunate to cross off several of them in my years on this earth … but I think #19 is especially important!)

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  4. Hey Maggie, just stopping by your blog for the first time and I LOVE this list!
    I might have to do a 27 things for my 27th….I would do 26 but being that the year is half over for me, I’d be at a disadvantage!
    If you get the chance to see Ireland, it is so beautiful!!!

    P.S. Any pointers on starting up a blog, I’ve considered dabbling in one for fun :)

    • Hey Brittani! Thanks for your comment :)
      Well, I started blogging so I could share all of my French adventures with my friends in the States, but along the way I also started blogging about books and I’ve made several online friends that way. So pick a hobby or interest you have, or even blog about where you live, and then connect yourself with other bloggers who share those interests and hobbies. Twitter is great for that, too :)

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  16. I love your list, very inspiring and I can TOTALLY relate to #23! I am deathly afraid of needles, i can barely look at a cartoon picture of one! Ever After is my favorite movie (my twin’s too) and we want to visit the castle so badly!

    • Thanks! Unfortunately I didn’t get to finish this list before my birthday, but I’m still planning on accomplishing some of these things :) Getting over my fear of needles happened this year since I was pregnant and didn’t really have a choice about all the poking and prodding. Now it’s not so bad.

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