Announcing: Wuthering Heights Read-Along

WutheringHeightsA few months ago I participated in a Jane Eyre read-along hosted by the lovely Kerry at Entomology of a Bookworm. It was my first time reading Charlotte Brontë’s beloved novel, and I came to adore it so much that I decided to give her sister Emily’s novel, Wuthering Heights, a second chance. The first and only time I read Wuthering Heights was in 2003, back when I was just a freshman in high school. At that time I enjoyed reading it, despite my dislike for the main characters. But as the years passed, I came to really despise them and I put off any desire of ever reading the novel again.

Fortunately, thanks to the skill and beauty of Charlotte Brontë’s writing, I have decided to give Wuthering Heights a well-deserved second chance. I know that Emily Brontë writes beautifully as well, and at least now that I know what to expect from the main characters, I will not be disappointed. Also, what is the new year for if not to start over fresh? ;) Now I am actually quite excited to revisit this tortured love story!

And to make it even more exciting, thanks to the encouragement of my good friend Jorie at Jorie Loves a Story, I have decided to turn this into a group read along! Whether you are like me and you want to give Wuthering Heights a second chance, or if you’ve never read it, OR (and especially) if this is your favorite novel of all time, I’d love for you to join in with me!

Here is the tentative schedule (I say tentative because we all know how hectic the holiday season can get!)

Week 1 (January 5-January 11): Chapters I-IX
Week 2 (January 12-January 18): Chapters X-XVII
Week 3 (January 19-January 25): Chapters XVIII-XXVI
Week 4 (January 26-February 1): Chapters XXVII-XXXIV (End)

Let me know in the comments if you would like to join in! I think January is going to be a wonderful time to read this novel :)

25 thoughts on “Announcing: Wuthering Heights Read-Along

  1. I’m in! I will do my best to keep on track with three kiddos and my classes starting January 13. Good thing I’ve read this lovely novel too many times to count and I will be able to participate regardless. :D

  2. Okay, peer pressure! I’m going to try …. I’ll try really hard ……. but I can’t promise …… I have about 10 days free (or almost free) the first week of January, so if I can get reading and clear my schedule a little, I might have room.

    BTW, I’m new to your blog, Maggie and I love it! We were in the Bouche-Rhône for a couple of months twice and just fell in love with, not only the scenery and the food, but the people as well. It’s so nice to have a “taste” of France from your blog to keep us connected to our second country!

    • Haha great! No worries if you can’t keep up…I wouldn’t want you to stress yourself out! I think that defeats the purpose of “reading for pleasure” ;)

      And thanks! I have yet to visit that area of France, but I’m not too far from it. I keep trying to convince my husband to take me there so hopefully next year I actually succeed in doing that haha ;) Glad you loved your visits to France!

  3. Hallo Maggie! :)

    I cannot wait to set up my post for this wicked sweet RAL! :) :) I have been looking forward to it ever since you & first started to put the plans together to host it! Eek. January is going to rock! Plus, I am hoping that prior to or during, I can finish reading Jane Eyre! I never did find out how she & Rochester get on together!! Oy! Meanwhile, I tweeted you an important tweet a moment ago, and I’m leaving this in case you didn’t see the tweet but are checking your blog! :)

    • Ironically, or no, my post will be posting tonight on the eve of the RAL! Oy! I meant to write-up all my sweet RALs & RCs for 2014 during December — I had so many lovely hours wrapped up in holiday blissitudes, I sort of fell behind on that vein! Therefore, a happy night for me!! :) I wanted to say I picked up my copy of Wuthering Heights from the library last week! I cannot wait to dip into the story and start the discussion threads!! I’ve been excited for this ever since you and first started to plan it out! :)

  4. Hey! Just jumped over from The Classics Club. What a great idea! And yes…yes….I’m going to try! I started Wuthering Heights last spring and put it down in favor of some other books. Time for a revisit! I’ll try to squeeze it in, but what with lit-class reading and a burning desire to read The Towers I might fall behind. I’ll totally try, though!


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