The Netgalley Challenge

I had planned on only focusing on my Classics Club challenge this year, but this challenge caught my eye because I’ve been working towards getting through my NetGalley stack as well. And sometimes challenges help  me cross things off my To Do Lists in a fun way :)

I feel so ashamed because I have 12 NetGalley ebooks to review, and 9 of them have already been published =P I think most of this can be attributed to “new book reviewer” error. When I first joined NetGalley back in October, I hugely underestimated the amount of books I would be approved for. So I just requested everything that looked interesting and hoped I’d be approved for a small handful. WRONG. I’ve been approved for 28 total, which means I’ve read 16, and most of those were before December, because I started working full-time and suddenly had so many other things to do besides review books. I stopped requesting any more books when I realized how far behind I was, but I still need to catch up.

So, I had already planned on spending February and March catching up on these NetGalley reviews, and now I have even more incentive! Suze (Lavender Likes, Love, Finds & Dreams) and Sophie (Reviewed the Book) are hosting a NetGalley Challenge for the next 6 weeks. I love group book challenges; chatting with other readers and bloggers is so fun and encouraging.

Let’s see how many reviews I can complete in the next month and a half! :)

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