25 Things: A Regency Themed Movie Marathon

25thyearLast month, as a way to celebrate my 25th birthday, I made a bucket list of things I want to accomplish or experience before I turn 26. I call it my list of “25 Things For My 25th Year,” and recently I was able to cross off the first completed activity!

PandP#9: Have a Movie Marathon
This was probably the easiest thing on my list to cross off, but it was also one of the things I have been most wanting to do for a while. A couple of Saturdays ago, three of my friends and I got together for a light afternoon luncheon followed by a nonstop viewing of all 6 episodes of the BBC’s Pride and Prejudice. It was lovely, mainly because it was so nice to relax and enjoy each other’s company. I love watching any Jane Austen adaptation on my own, but it’s much more enjoyable to watch it with friends who are fellow Janeites :)

For our lunch we had typical afternoon tea types of dishes: cucumber sandwiches, tuna salad and toast, quiche, a vegetable platter, scones (red berry and chocolate chip), and sugar cookies.


Even though it was a beautiful spring afternoon, it was nice staying inside, snacking on tea and scones while laughing over Mr. Collins’s ridiculous manners and swooning over the quaint English countryside.



No, Mr. Collins…

I wouldn’t mind having another movie marathon later this year! Maybe something more action related, like Star Wars or Harry Potter :) Have you had a movie marathon with friends? I’d love to hear about it!


10 thoughts on “25 Things: A Regency Themed Movie Marathon

  1. Years ago I had a Die Hard marathon with my oldest daughter — is that action enough?! :) More recently it was a Lord of the Rings marathon. Harry Potter is my next one, planned when I have time with both my “girls” ….

    Your luncheon looks like it was delicious!

  2. We did a Lord of the Rings marathon years ago, once all the extended editions had been released. Something like 13 hours long, I think? It was a blast.

    Last year, I went to a movie marathon in a theater! We watched Thor, The Avengers, and Thor: The Dark World one after another, and it was amazing.

    • I’ll do a LOTR marathon after I finish reading the books ;) 13 hours sounds so long though! My husband did a Star Wars marathon once and it was longer than that but they took breaks to go swimming (it was July) and walk around.

      A Marvel marathon sounds amazing!! I wish they did things like that in the theaters here in France.

      • I didn’t realize my theater did such things, but people that were at the Thor marathon were talking about how it seems they do this a lot — some of them had gone to a Harry Potter marathon there when the last movie came out. The theater did 2 movies every night for four nights, with the two parts of Deathly Hallows the last night. Now that I know they do this, I’m keeping an eye on their website whenever a franchise I care about has a movie come out!

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