New Blog Name!!!

After brainstorming for months about new blog names, I finally decided on one tonight:

Macarons & Paperbacks

<insert an overwhelming amount of confetti emoji>

I am so excited about the update! I made the banner myself tonight and I’m in love with it. I feel like my new blog name suits my interests perfectly:

macarons represent my love for France & for baking
paperbacks represent my hobby as a reader & book blogger

What do you think?? <3

P.S. How fitting is it that this is my 100th post? :)

14 thoughts on “New Blog Name!!!

  1. Hallo, Hallo Maggie! :)

    As you know from Twitter – I positively *LOVE!* the new design & name for your blog! You’re quite right it *does fit you!* very well — plus, earlier I was looking through the Photos & Videos section of your husband’s tweets — I found one of you making *macarons!* so it was truly fitting that hours later you’ve renamed your blog to reflect your interest in baking & of all the things that make you happily unique! :) I’m so proud of you – re-defining who you are & moving forward into a new tomorrow! I cannot wait to walk the journey with you! Cheering you onwards & upwards, my dear friend! :)

  2. “Macaron” must be the official French way to say “macaroon” which is how I’ve always said it (with lots of deep southern “ooooh” in my voice, haha). Your banner is adorable! Your blog makes me wish I had more time to read…whenever I follow one of your recommendations, I always end up enjoying it! I was reading a novel from Rainbow Rowell that you recommended WHILE I was in labor, haha. It was my last chance to read a book uninterrupted by a baby’s cry. I’m looking forward to reading more about what you’re reading, but I will miss the pictures of French castles and countryside!

    • Macaron is actually not the same kind of cookie as macaroon! Macaroons are made with coconut :) but you can say “macaroon” if you want–I just thought it would tie in better with the French theme to write in the French way ;) (honestly when I say the title in my head I say macaroon too, just because that sounds better in English!)
      Ohhh! Which book? Attachments? It’s one of my favorites! I just read her newest novel, Landline, last month and loved it too, but not as much. I’m glad you like my recommendations! That means a lot :) Did I tell you I read Someday, Someday Maybe because you recommended it? And I just started watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix too! I’m liking it so far.
      Don’t worry about missing French pictures–I still have TONS I haven’t posted yet that I’m going to try to space out for as long as possible!

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