Classic Alice: Classic Lit Meets Modern Media

classicaliceLast week I shared my review of The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet, a book spin-off inspired by one of my favorite YouTube series: The Lizzie Bennet Diaries.

Well today I’m here to rave about another one of my favorite web series: Classic Alice!

Classic Alice is not based on Alice in Wonderland, a common misconception, but it does have an extremely unique premise: Alice Rackham, over-prepared, goodie-goodie college student, decides to live her life according to Classic novels after she receives a bad grade on an essay. She makes big and small life decisions by referring to characters from beloved books such as Pygmalion, Crime & Punishment, and Macbeth. These decisions push her into a variety of ups & downs that are exciting, heart-wrenching, and swoon-worthy ;) Also, the characters are hilarious!

Andrew, Alice’s friend and classmate, is filming Alice’s endeavors for his documentary project. His quirky sense of humor always makes me laugh out loud. One of my favorite episodes from the series perfectly highlights his humorous personality:

Cara, Alice’s wholeheartedly honest roommate, is easy to like because she often speaks the thoughts that the audience is thinking. She challenges Alice and stands by her decisions no matter the consequences (and there are plenty of those):

Classic Alice just wrapped up Book 7, A Christmas Carol, and it was a very merry Christmas for the fans! ;) You’ll have to catch up on the show to see what I mean! Right now the creators behind the show are focusing on their indiegogo campaign for Book 8 and beyond! The team behind Classic Alice is so talented in developing a series that appeals to a wide audience; the series is one of the most diverse on YouTube. And they’re promoting Classic Literature!!! I love that :)

Watch This Series If…

…you love classic novels (so far they’ve done Crime & Punishment, Pygmalion, The Butterfly, Macbeth, Rip van Winkle, Wind in the Willows, and A Christmas Carol.)
you like to live vicariously through other people (or through your favorite fictional characters).
…you enjoy stories and shows that deal with serious issues.
…you’re a fan of quirky humor and diversity in fiction.
…you love seeing multiple media platforms merge together to tell a story.

Curious about the Classic Alice series? Dying to know more about Alice’s future book plans? Visit the show’s website to read more about it (and to find links to every episode and transmedia post)!

6 thoughts on “Classic Alice: Classic Lit Meets Modern Media

  1. This sounds like an awesome series! It’s just so hard for me to watch vlog series lately though – I’m so consumed with Netflix series I guess. Maybe when this Alice series ends, I can marathon it. But if they are doing so many books, that might be a long marathon! :)

    • I completely understand! Sometimes I go a while without watching any YouTube series because I’m trying to catch up on other shows, and then when I do have time I binge watch all the episodes I’m behind on. But this is a fun one to watch when you have time to marathon it :)

  2. I’ve never EVER watched a YouTube web series on anything. But the past few days you’ve suggested two different ones that I am putting on my to-watch list! I rarely get to follow up on your book recommendations because I just don’t have time with all of my grad school reading and baby-chasing. But I can do a web series! :-)

    • Yay!!! Classic Alice is shorter, but the Lizzie Bennet Diaires is the series that sparked these modern literature vlogs I’m now addicted too. I can give you so many recommendations, I’m actually thinking about featuring vlogs regularly on my blog now. My favorite one is Green Gables Fables, which is Anne of Green Gables. There’s also one on Much Ado About Nothing that was fantastic. And one of my new favorites isn’t a retelling but an imagining of Jane Austen, Emily Dickinson, and Oscar Wilde as grad school roommates. Sorry, I get overly excited about books and shows that I love :) I’d love to hear what you think if you find time to watch any of those series!!

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