Autumn Landscapes

IMG_4314 I just love the mountains that surround our home. There’s a saying about Grenoble: Everytime you turn a corner you can see the mountains at the end of the street. Ok, that was a really bad paraphrase, but it’s true. We’re surrounded by three different mountain ranges: the Belledonne (pictured here), the Chartreuse, and the Vercors. Some people don’t like Grenoble because the mountains can make them feel closed in, but I completely disagree. Being from Florida, I don’t think I’ll ever get used to seeing these gorgeous juts of rock every time I go outside. And now as the trees continue changing color, the mountains become prettier and prettier! They are definitely at their prettiest in the wintertime, but autumn is a nice view too :) The skies were clear and the magic hour lighting was perfect this afternoon so I just had to run outside to snap a few pictures to brag about show everyone. So far it has been a warm autumn, but the trees are making up for it by looking like this: IMG_4317 Hope your little corner of the world is looking beautiful, whether you’re enjoying the autumn or the springtime!