Discovering Grenoble: K fée des Jeux (Game Cafe)

So one thing I learned about Matt shortly before we started dating was that he is OBSESSED with games; board games to be exact. Now before I met him, my concept of a board game was Monopoly, Sorry, Life (bleck), Parcheesi, etc. But since knowing Matt, I have discovered that there was this entire world of board games I had no idea about, like Settlers of Catan and World Without End (my personal favorite). On the weekends we spend a lot of time playing board games with friends and family, and it’s a great way to spend time with people.

Earlier this year, we noticed that there was a game cafe in town and Matt has always wanted to go with our good friend Sam. It’s called K fée des Jeux; the French K sounds like “ca” as in cat. This week we finally got an opportunity to try it out, and I honestly have to say it wasn’t my favorite place ever. I had a lot of fun playing games, don’t get me wrong. But the cafe also serves food and drinks and the food was not very good in my opinion. It was really cold the night we went so I just ordered some pea soup…but it tasted more like not-quite-finished baby purée. But the drinks were really good. I got something called “Dragon’s Blood” that was basically a blend of blackberry, raspberry, and orange sirop (for those who don’t know, sirop is basically a highly concentrated flavor that you add to water for a nice drink; it can be fruit, citrus, mint, or even cola flavored), and later we all got hot chocolate with whip cream that really hit the spot.

We had time to play two games, a simple pirate game that wasn’t too entertaining, and a co-op game called Pandemic which was really fun. The basis of Pandemic is that there are 4 epidemics spreading across majors cities in the world and, as a team, every player helps to find the remedy and cure the infected cities. I’ve never played a co-op board game like that and it was nice not having to be extremely competitive with one another. Plus, those types of games are a great team-building activity.

All in all it was a fun experience, but the fact that you have to pay to play the games, plus each person has to buy a food or drink item every hour, made it a little disappointing to me. But Matt really enjoyed it and I’m sure we’ll go back in the future. This time, no pea soup for me!

Game Cafe

An instagram collage of our trip to K fée des Jeux.