An Afternoon Hike: La Tour d’Arces

Something I love immensely about French culture is that they love to spend time outdoors. Grenoble itself is a very outdoorsy city, and people here go hiking all the time. I have always enjoyed being outside (geek analogy: if I was a Sim, I would have the “Love Being Outdoors” moodlet), especially this time of year when Spring is bursting forth from all around. We have had an unusually warm winter this year. Last year in March, it was raining practically every day and then it snowed just after Easter. This year, it rained quite often a few weeks ago, but since then we’ve had perfect early spring weather. I love spring! Eating lunch on the terrace outside, starting my little herb garden (hoping for better results this season), and taking hikes with my little family.

Yesterday afternoon, we went on a short hike to La Tour d’Arces. It’s a medieval lookout tower that is less than 10 minutes away by car (just another advantage of living in France: medieval ruins practically in your backyard!). There’s not much to say about it, so I will let these pictures speak for themselves :)


The hike there…gorgeous weather, as you can see.


My first thought that came to mind: Oh, I feel like Jane Eyre returning to Thornfield…only happier ;)




Look at that window! The view of the snow-capped Belledonne mountains must be gorgeous from up there!




This picture is taken from the ruins of an adjoining chapel.


The walk home. I can’t stress how much I ADORE walking down gravel paths like this one. I always feel like Elizabeth Bennet or Anne Shirley.


And then we found where we will build our future home (can you see the Tour d’Arces in the background?). Matt and I planned out where we will put our cottage/Victorian stone house (we couldn’t decide which we’d rather have) and how we would have a long gravel path leading up to it. *sigh* I could spend all day in that wide, open field.


And with THAT view!


I know someone else who’d love to have a big yard like this…

Hope you all are enjoying the beginnings of springtime, from wherever your corner of the world may be :)