30 Days of Thankfulness: Day 16

thankfulnessToday I am thankful for my puppy!

For those of you who know me personally, you may be a bit surprised as to why it took me so long to post about being thankful for my dog ;) Matt and I love our Australian Shepherd as if he was our actual child, which may be normal for American standards but that is not very common behavior over here in France.

Han Solo (Solo for short) has brought so much joy into our lives and I am thankful for him every single day. And yes, he is named after my favorite Star Wars character!

And here are some pictures for anyone needing/wanting a puppy fix :)


He’s a little possessive…


…and he’s a scene stealer (he totally snuck up in this photo)…


…but how can you not love that dramatic puppy face!

Ok, ok…it’s clear enough that I love my dog :)

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